I’m not ready to give any insider details, but my current story has some fun characters; a cat, a rat and a ghost.


Jinx is a very large, black Maine Coon. He’s super smart and loves his owner, Jess. He often goes to work with her and that’s where he interacts with the ghost of the story.

He weighs in at 20 pounds and is about knee-high to an average female. He loves to curl up in Jess’ lap and have his ears rubbed. Of course, he’s a whole lap-full of kitty!


Pierre is the rat and honestly, he just came to me recently, so I haven’t worked out his personality too much, but I think he’ll be a fun addition to the story.

He mostly lives in the French restaurant a few doors down from the central location of this story. He won’t play a huge role, but he will pop in from time to time.


Ah, the ghost! And FINALLY, my chance to use Vincent Price as a character model. Woot! He’s snarky, a bit egotistical, and he likes to play pranks.

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