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Moving More Into Sweet, Clean Romance in 2020

I’ve always loved romance and always considered myself a romance writer. After I discovered cozies, I loved them (and still do). But, my first love is…love stories. I have way more romance ideas than I do cozy mystery, and to be honest, […]

Murder & Mockery

Well, it’s been a long time coming. Okay, so maybe it’s only been a year between book 2 and book 3, but it seems like forever, right? I made some changes with this. I wrote the first two books of the series […]

Let’s Visit Cryptic Cove

The fictional town of Cryptic Cove was created as a seaside town. However, I used the real town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas as inspiration for a lot of the places, the homes and the layout of the town. I hope you enjoy […]

Murder & Mayhem

Within twenty-four hours, Alexis Danforth’s world is shattered. She loses her parents and her job. Rummaging through the attic she discovers family secrets and returns to her hometown of Cryptic Cove; a quiet, sleepy little town perched above the sea. The disappearance […]

Murder & Menace

Book 2 in the Cryptic Cove Cozy Mystery Series When Lexi stumbles on the dead body of county deputy Will Hunter, this town is turned upside down again. Several people have motive, a few have the means to do it. With strained […]