So, who is this Jake Donovan guy and where did I come up with him?

When I started planning the Cryptic Cove series, Jake was simply going to be a secondary character and love interest for Lexi. As I got to know him, though, I realized he wanted a bigger role. In fact, he could have become a very strong lead character, but since this series features a female amateur sleuth, he didn’t fit the bill. He was a bit upset, but we made a deal to let him emerge more throughout the series.

I absolutely love Jake. The character I based him on is actually a character from an older TV show. If you’ve ever seen Jarod in The Pretender, in a sense, you’ve met Jake. Jarod played many roles in that show, so I had a lot of material to develop Jake from. One thing for sure is, I wanted him sexy and mysterious.

He required a lot of attention. He doesn’t have a big ego, but he does like being the center of attention. He’s full of charm and he knows how to use it. If you’ve read Book 1, you know that Lexi had a hard time dealing with him. His charm and infectious smile got her all twitterpated and out of sorts.

Keep scrolling for my vision of Jake Donovan. If you prefer to keep your own vision of him, you should stop here. 😉








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