Who is Alexis Danforth? (aka Lexi)

Lexi has been a challenge. I wanted her to start off as very reserved and a bit thrown off by the town’s people. As the series progresses I want to become a more fun character. In Book 2, she’s still not as lighthearted as I’d hoped for. Characters do have a mind of their own, though. I give them some freedom, but have to remind them that I am in charge. However, she isn’t emerging as quickly as I thought she would. I do enjoy her though.

I haven’t worked out all of the details for Book 3 yet, but I believe she may be realizing how short (and precious) life really is. Who knows, maybe she will kick her shoes off and have a good time in the next book.

Her character is based on another character from a British comedy. (Yes, I tend to base my characters off of characters instead of role models.) This show aired in the UK as The Good Life. The character of Barbara was portrayed by Felicity Kendal and I just fell in love with her. Of course, Lexi has a ways to go to get as spunky and care free as her role model. I feel she may do this in good time.

See my vision of Lexi below…






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