The Honeydew Queen

The Honeydew Queen
Series: Cobbler's Bluff, Book 1
Genre: Cozy Mystery
About the Book

Myrtle Camp is the town busy-body and noses into everyone’s business. As head of several committees around town, she’s made enemies with almost everyone with changes and regulations she’s tried to put in place.

Her biggest rival, Arlene Swanson is determined to win back her almost decade long title of Honeydew Queen, after losing it to Myrtle the year before. But would she kill to get her title back?
When new Deputy Scotty Bradley finds Arlene bent over the body of her biggest rival, right in Myrtle’s own honeydew patch, he takes pleasure in his first big arrest and is sure Arlene is guilty. With the whole town pointing fingers and adding in their own suspicions, most of the clues seem to point to Arlene. Angered at the incompetence of the local law and determined to prove her innocence, Arlene’s best friends, Peggy and Marnie, must snoop around and dig deep to find out the truth. Even if that means the truth points to Arlene.

In the small community of Cobbler’s Bluff, everyone knows everyone’s business, but who had it in for Myrtle other than Arlene?
Who would actually go to such means to get rid of her?

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