March 22

Meet Farley

Meet Farley – the ghost


Farley let out a wail and vaporized in the other chair. “How rude.” He squealed, looking at Jess, “You need to tell him to watch where he’s flopping that butt of his.” ~Farley (the lovable ghost) in my new #mysterytheater series, Mystery Theater Presents. Now Available.

Book 1 is Mrs. Pickles Perilous Parting.

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March 7

Murder & Mockery

Well, it’s been a long time coming. Okay, so maybe it’s only been a year between book 2 and book 3, but it seems like forever, right?

I made some changes with this. I wrote the first two books of the series (Murder & Mayhem and Murder & Menace) in first person. The first book went okay, as far as writing. The second book was much harder because I was discovering that I hate first person. I don’t read books in first person. Ugh! I did start off book 3 (Murder & Mockery) in first person. Oh my gosh! It was like pulling teeth. I fought every step of the way. Until…

I changed to third person. Yes, writing books is hard, but it should not make you want to throw things or hit people. You should not have to dread every. single. minute. of your writing time. Writing, although it is hard and can be frustrating, it should also be fun and exciting.

Now that I’ve changed to third person I feel like writing more in the series. I was literally ready to stop at book 3. I only planned four in the series, but left it open enough that I could add more later. But now I’m thinking it’s been opened up to write more books…all from switching from first person to third person.

I am debating on going back and updating books 1 and 2 into third person. That would be complete rewrites and a massive under taking, so I’ll hold off for awhile.

If you’re ready to dig in, you can purchase the book at Amazon. It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited. Click this link.

February 23

Let’s Visit Cryptic Cove

The fictional town of Cryptic Cove was created as a seaside town. However, I used the real town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas as inspiration for a lot of the places, the homes and the layout of the town. I hope you enjoy this glimpse of what I imagined.

December 11

Murder & Menace

Book 2 in the Cryptic Cove Cozy Mystery Series

When Lexi stumbles on the dead body of county deputy Will Hunter, this town is turned upside down again. Several people have motive, a few have the means to do it.

With strained friendships hanging in the balance, Lexi is determined to solve this case and help her best friend through a major life-changing ordeal.

Can Lexi and Constable John find the killer before he strikes again?
Can Lexi and Peyton heal their friendship before it’s completely destroyed?

December 11

Murder & Mayhem

Within twenty-four hours, Alexis Danforth’s world is shattered.
She loses her parents and her job.

Rummaging through the attic she discovers family secrets and returns to her hometown of Cryptic Cove; a quiet, sleepy little town perched above the sea.

The disappearance and death of an elderly couple sets the town on edge. Accusations fly. The past is dredged up. Bodies are found.

Some even question her return and the timing of the murders.

As she joins the town constable to help solve the case, she finds herself attracted to her main suspect, Jake Donovan.
Jake is handsome, charming, and secretive. Is he a threat to her or just a threat to her heart?